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Anamika Couture LLC and its website www.anamikafashions.com provides services in accordance with the notices, terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. Any usage of our services will mean that all the rules, guidelines, policies, terms and conditions will be applied to you as incorporated in this agreement. Anamika Couture LLC has the sole right to change/manage (or) make any modifications to the website and its terms and conditions at any time. 

Using the site by any means for example accessing, browsing or using the website in any sort will bear the user automatically responsible and that he/she is in agreement with all the terms and conditions in this agreement. So, please read the terms and conditions carefully before proceeding. 

User Access Limitations: 

Considering all the terms and conditions of this agreement, Anamika Couture LLC allows the user to have access to the website but in a limited, revocable way. The nontransferable, nonexclusive license to access the website on the user’s internet browser is to enable the user to shop for Indian Designer wear and the various products that the site has to offer. If the user uses the website for any commercial purpose (or) for any purpose on behalf of a third party then, except as explicitly permitted by Anamika Couture LLC in advance, then the user is considered to have breached the agreement. 

In such a breach of agreement, Anamika Couture LLC will immediately revoke all the access, permission and license granted with or without a prior notice to the user who breached the agreement. All the rights to distribute, display, sell, lease, modify, cancel products on the website remain solely with Anamika Couture LLC. 

Any breach in the above-mentioned paragraph, except as explicitly permitted by Anamika Couture LLC; the user has no right to reproduce, sell, display, share, disassemble, decompile, modify any portion of the website. In other words, the user has no right to exploit the website under any means. All the information shared on the website, unless explicitly permitted by Anamika Couture LLC, the user is not allowed to use it for his/her own commercial gain (or) on behalf of any third party. 

Anamika Couture LLC does not give the privilege and authority to use the website to share (or) distribute content across that 

  • Violates (or) infringes the copyrights, patents, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets, (or) other proprietary of any person.       
  • Is not adhering to the civil standards such as indecent, obscene, threatening (or) anything that could give rise to any civil (or) criminal liability under the United States (or) International law 
  • Is intending any harm to the website by introducing any bugs, viruses or any harmful code or properties into the website. A product Representations made on our website are solely that of vendors and not made by Anamika Couture LLC, unless specifically mentioned by us. 

Every Registered user on Anamika Couture LLC is given an account identification and a password. The user will be able to access certain portions of the site. Every time a registered user uses his/her account identification and password to access his/her account and the portions of the website, the user is deemed to be authorized to access Anamika Couture LLC website in a manner that adheres to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. 

Anamika Couture LLC will not be responsible if there is any other person other than the registered user using the assigned account identification and password. Any infringement of the terms and conditions in this agreement will be accounted to the user whose account identification and password has been used. The user is solely responsible to protect the security of his/her own account. Any suspicious (or) unauthorized usage or access the user shall report it immediately to Anamika Couture LLC at anamikafashions@hotmail.com call us at 425-598-6797 (Monday-Friday 10AM-6PM PST). 

Without any limitations, Anamika Couture LLC holds the rights to cancel orders, refuse service and terminate accounts, if we believe that the user conduct violates any of the applicable law (or) is harmful to our interests. 

Privacy Policy: 

Anamika Couture LLC  is committed to protecting the privacy rights of visitors to www. AnamikaFashions.com. Anamika Fashions LLC knows that you care how information about you is used and shared, and we appreciate your trust.
 By accessing, browsing or otherwise using this Website, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the Privacy Policy on our website. Before proceeding further please read carefully about our privacy policy at 


Copyright / Intellectual Property: 

All the graphical User Interface used on http://AnamikaFashions.com like texts, images, graphics, software content, graphical user interface content belong exclusively to Anamika Couture LLC (or) its affiliates. All the software content used on the website exclusively belongs to Anamika Couture LLC (or) its affiliates or its software suppliers. All the content, compositions/compilation and the Software used on the website is protected under the U.S and International copyright laws. 

Complaints on Copyrights Use: 

Anamika Couture LLC has never and will not copy anyone’s work without taking their permission. However, if the person (or) party feels that Anamika Couture LLC has copied any of their work then please follow our Notice and Procedure for Making Claims of Copyright Infringement. 

Typographical Errors: 

In the case of any erratum errors like any misprint about the details of a product, on a price listing for any product be it a typographical error (or) the information received from the suppliers, Anamika Couture LLC has every right to refuse or cancel the order placed on any product listed under the above circumstances, whether or not the order has been agreed on and confirmed and your credit card charged or payment made. If the user’s Credit Card has already been charged for that particular product and then the order has been cancelled; in that case Anamika Couture LLC will immediately issue a credit to your credit card account for the amount that has been charged for the cancelled order. 

State Applicable Laws: 

Anamika Couture LLC website is created and controlled by Anamika Couture LLC in the state of Washington, USA. All the laws of the state of Washington will be applicable and govern these disclaimers, terms and conditions with affecting any principles of conflicts of laws. 


If the user comes across a situation as a dispute in any way connected to his/her visit/use of the website or the products (or) through any products purchased (or) scheduled to purchase from the website; the case will be submitted to the confidential adjudication in Washington. 

If the user violates or threatens to violate our Copyright/intellectual rights; in such cases Anamika Couture LLC may proceed with a formal command or any related appropriate steps of action against the violation of intellectual rights by the user. 

International Access: 

Anamika Couture LLC enables users to access its website from outside the United States of America as well. It is open for international access and international shipping charges apply for purchases outside Unites States. Restrictions and Conditions appl. The user accessing the website outside of the United States is responsible for complying with his/her local laws, rules and regulations.